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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information

SUNDIC Inc. shall comply with the laws and regulations with regard to the protection of personal information, and maintain a system for protecting the collected personal information based on the policy provided hereunder.

  1. In collecting personal information, we shall make every effort to specify the purpose of use of such information, and to collect it in legitimate and fair manner.
  2. Personal information shall be collected in ways that are relevant to the purpose of use within the scope deemed necessary. We shall make every effort to maintain the collected information as accurate, complete and up to date as possible.
  3. Unless authorized by the laws and regulations, the collected personal information shall not be used for purposes other than those specified.
  4. Personal information maintained by SUNDIC shall be protected by reasonable security measures.
  5. With regard to the collected personal information, we shall grant a request made by an individual to disclose his or her personal information, and grant a request to modify or delete the information as necessary.
  6. We shall implement the above provisions, and familiarized all employees at SUNDIC are with them.

Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Using the Personal Information

When SUNDIC collects personal information, we intend to use such collected personal information for the following purposes within the scope deemed necessary for executing our business operations. In the event that the personal information may be used for purposes other than those noted below, we will notify you separately in writing by postal service, electric mail, or fax, or post an announcement on an appropriate web page.

  • (1) To respond to an inquiry regarding our business or products.
  • (2) To send various informational materials or products in response to a request regarding our business or products.
  • (3) To send informational or support materials regarding our business or products.
  • (4) To conduct our own survey and reflect its results upon our business or products.

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